There is no Endurance Class this week!

MCI Class with Panda on Thursday will have a focus on Handstand and Progressions.  Make sure you’re there!

Open Gym hours on Thursday may have a change this week, please message a coach and check Instagram and/or Facebook

Today’s Workout:

Double Grace

For time:
135-lb. clean and jerk, 60 reps

Scaling this WOD
Strive to maintain the same pace throughout all 60 reps. The goal is to complete this in under 10-minutes.

For time:
30 power clean and jerks

Men 95-lb barbell
Women 65-lb barbell

The load and reps have been reduced to focus on mechanics and achieve the intended time domain. If 30 reps at this load can be completed in 5-min or less, consider increasing the reps.

For time:
60 power clean and jerks

Men 115-lb barbell
Women 75-lb barbell

The load has been reduced slightly to keep the intensity high. Watch The Power Cleanvideo from the CrossFit Journal. If able to do “Grace” under 4 minutes, the intermediate athlete should consider doing this workout as written.


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