About Us

Our Facility & Methodology

We believe that training shouldn’t be intimidating or feel like a chore.  That’s why we created CrossFit Paradise.  We look not only to change the physical being but the emotional and mental being.  We provide an environment where you can come and be yourself regardless of what age or background you come from.

At CrossFit Paradise we care about everyone who walks through our doors.  It is our vision to make your stay with us, the best hour or more of your day.  We understand the needs and stresses that life outside the gym puts on us, therefore we hope while you are here, we can better prepare you for those demands.

We believe this saying; “Paradise is not a place, it’s a state of mind” echoes through our community.  Stop by and see what we are talking about!
We would love to meet you. Schedule a consultation here so we can discuss your goals and get you started!

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