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Standing waiting to board my flight to Hawaii, and I just wanted to send some love to all of you.  I will miss you all tremendously.  You are not only members of CrossFit Paradise but you’re family, my tribe.  Thank you for all the messages and well wishes!  Its only two weeks and to many that may not seem long but I am going to be away from the people I love and the thing I love to do so much for two weeks, although I will be coaching out here in Hawaii.  You are in great hands with Jeremy, Brando, and Jill behind the wheel.  You will all do amazing things in my absence and I can’t wait to hear about it.

Just because 2016 came to a close and tomorrow is a new day in a new year, change and growth happens everyday.  Remember that when the last digit of 2016 changes to 2017, thats just it.  Nothing else tremendous happens unless you make it happen, whether that starts today or tomorrow.  Don’t set goals only for the new year but set daily ones, weekly ones, goals that are easily tangible so the bigger goals become more clear.

With this I am boarding my flight, you obviously know I will be posting and updating pictures of my trip.

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All the feels

Over the last couple days I’ve been receiving some amazing messages from all of you. It spurred a lot of emotions and I wanted to just be able to put what I’m feeling out there in hopes to help encourage or guide some of you if you’re feeling down or discouraged.

There are days when I am going through the motions. There are days that I feel overwhelmed with responsibility. There are days where I freak out because I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing or what I’ve gotten myself into.

Then there are days when I see you guys coming in after a long days of work or whatever circumstances you’re facing outside the gym, and you guys come in and give so much of yourselves. You can be tired, weary, stressed, but you still find it in you to push through a hard workout, high five your friends and leave with a smile. There are days you guys express how much the coaches and I have done for you, and then it brings me back down. It resets all my frustrations and worries.
I’ve never thought highly of myself. I don’t believe I am better than anyone. I do believe I try to care as much as possible. I do believe that if you give love you receive love.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that, for every message or text I received, know that I don’t do this alone. You guys have done the same exact for me. You have all taught me to be more; selfless, kind, loving, etc. You’ve shown me how to be better. So this is my thank you to all of you. I am moved by your words, your expressions, mainly because they are acts of kindness, and it means something deep down inside that maybe I am doing something right.

Keep trucking along this journey of fitness, which we all know by now is more than just being fit. This journey is about learning who we are and sharing that with others so we can grow, so we can all learn a little bit more; love a little bit more.
Thank you CrossFit Paradise for allowing me to be a part of your lives.

Forever yours in Donuts and Fitness
-Coach Miguel

Results (Mark G)

I was recently at Crossfit 908 and noticed a TON of notebooks . I didn’t need to ask what they were or why there were so many.  I myself and everyone in CrossFit knows, they are athlete log books.  Just like your check book for a checking account or an app in today’s world for your checking / savings account, everyone has one!
Why ?? 
Answer:  Everyone wants to know what they have in their bank account.
How much can they spend, or much can they afford. Most importantly to make sure they get  paid what they are owed for all that hard work.
Why then, are we not taking that same approach to all the hard work we put in week after week at the box.  Why don’t we have a log book/check book or maybe an app recording our PRs and scores, essentially our fitness earnings?  Why don’t we concern ourselves with what’s is in our fitness bank accounts that we work so hard for and just blow off as “working out”.  
I personally enjoy Pay Day it doesn’t matter whether  I open up my bank account or my  fitness bank account, haha.
When that direct deposit hits and I open up that log or app it feels GOOD knowing that I earned it and can spend it 🙂
You want those new 100 dollar kicks?  Cool, no problem.  I can check my account, and if the funds are there, you will see me rocking them new kicks!
Similarly, that workout that ask for 95 lbs for 5 reps, I can check my account and see that I have my 1RM is 205, then its 3 -2 -1 Go! No Problem!
I think you guys get my point. I love all of you and the hard work each of you deposit into your fitness bank accounts!  I just don’t wanna see anyone short change themselves. That’s our job as coaches to see and guide those areas and turn them into surpluses!
-Coach Mark “two times”

Standards, Rules, and News

This post is a little long over due, so I will post it so everyone can read.

We don’t really have a set any Gym rules in stone, but its time for us to set some rules so things can run smoothly.  I will try and get these printed out at some point.

  1. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to class.  I know Parking is an issue and traffic but please do your best so if we do have to wait for someone its only 1 or 2 persons. This is also a good time to tell a coach or an assistant of any nagging injuries or work on some extra mobility.
  2. If you are later than 15 minutes unfortunately you will have to wait for the next class.  Understand that in order to do our best to make sure class starts and ends on time, it is very difficult for us to stop what we are doing to focus on getting you warmed up.  Our warm ups have a purpose and during them we try to watch your movement to see if there is anything we may need to work on or scale, so if you arrive late we do not have the chance to do that since most of the class is already going.
  3. PLEASE put equipment back where you find it.  Many times I will see wallballs right in front of the shelf.  If you got it all the way there put it on the shelf.  Clean up anything you sweat or drip or drool on.  We have wipes and swiffers.  Try to keep things organized since this is your home and your community as well.
  4. Please throw out you bottle of water or empty it out or take it home with you.  I hate to punish people and make people do penalty burpees.
  5. DO NOT DROP EMPTY BARBELLS.  (they break)
  7. Please take shoes and clothes home by the end of the week.  The shelves are for everyone to put their bags on.  If you’re occupying a whole shelf with our life please be considerate and take it home after your class.  Anything left there by Friday unless you have asked me to leave it there and I approved it, will be donated.
  8. If you take a FitAid, KillCliff or Best Bar Ever and don’t have money please write it down.  These products are not free and they mess up our inventory.  There will be a form where you can put your name, card info, etc and we will charge you at the end of the week for non-paid items.  If you pay cash please also write it down so Brando doesn’t go crazy when he is doing Inventory.  What is paid and non paid for must match when we do inventory or you will not be allowed to purchase or take anything without a coach or intern.
  9. No members behind the desk please. Staff Only

I believe this is all for now regarding rules.  We will start posting workouts either daily or weekly so please check daily!  I know some of you don’t have social media (c’mon its 2016)  so check the website and email regularly!

It is spring so we will be running a lot in warm ups and workouts and finishers.

We have a ton of new members and people trying out classes, please introduce yourself and make them feel at home!  One thing I have to say about our community, we pride ourselves in that.  Many reviews or people who have dropped in loved the friendly and warm environment!  Keep that up!!

I’m sure you have seen Michelle and Brando helping out in class and teaching classes.  That is because they both are assisting and interning!  If they are coaching or leading a class, treat it as me telling you the same thing.  Yes they are still learning and improving so keep that in mind!  So lets welcome Brando and Michelle officially to our team!!  Make sure you hug and high five them when you see them.

Nutrition Challenge – I know we didn’t stay on top of it, but congratulation to Marjorie, Christina, Jill, Camilla, and Nitchelle who stayed the course with Paleo & Macros.

Keep in mind we want you guys to see results and be successful, so on top of bringing the highest intensity we want you dialing in your nutrition!

On the subject of intensity.  Now that the Open is Over its time to refocus and dial in our weaknesses.  That means if any of the coaches scale you, remove weight, it is not because you’re not good enough.  I’m tired of hearing “but I scaled” as if that were a bad thing.  Understand every CrossFit Games Athlete, every good CrossFitter and successful athlete got there because they scaled properly and listened to their coach.  You should be happy you scaled a workout because you prevented injury yet another day and were able to generate more intensity (More results) and practice a movement better.

Final thoughts:
I am proud of all of you for pushing yourselves in this CrossFit Open.  A lot of you hit Pr’s, did things you didn’t think were possible, and stepped far out of your comfort zone.  For that I am extremely happy to be able to coach you guys and see you progress physically and mentally.  Lets keep riding this momentum and keep moving forward getting ready to improve for next years open!


16.2, How Strong are you?

A week has flown by already since the dreaded 16.1 announcement!  Twenty minutes of straight hell.  However 16.2 can be the same if you get to the 20 minutes!

However when 16.2 was announced I was actually excited!  I love the combinations of movements.  We have a gymnastic skill, coupled with monostructural and an increasing heavy weightlifting movement.  The one thing I have always thought is that strength is necessary in CrossFit, but not the only thing you need to be good at CrossFit.  Obviously the mental toughness is needed, but also the strength and capacity to endure high heart rates (for long periods of time) and still lift heavy.  This workout will do just that.  So if you’ve been practicing your lifts but neglecting your metcons I believe that weakness will be exposed greatly in this workout.

I haven’t done it yet, but will post my thoughts on it later after I have done it.  From what I watched, looks like its wise to break up the TTB and Hanging Knee Raises early on.  Use the doubles or singles as rest, its only 50.  Breathe and keep shoulders relaxed.  Approach the barbell depending on how much time you have left and either rest an extra second so you don’t waste any energy missing a lift, or if you feel good, pull off one rep.

See you all tonight and on the leaderboard!

16.1 – Chaos Begins

16.1 was announced last night, and the first thing that went through my mind; how many people per heat?

My first thought wasn’t the fact that it contained a new movement, Overhead Lunges, or that it contained burpees.  Burpees are essential to life.  How do you get up if you get knocked down?

Anyway, this post isn’t here to coddle or hold your hand.  If you’re doing scaled, here is a true CrossFit workout.  No high skill movement; just grind.  20 minutes is enough to send anyone into a panic attack, but just breathe and keep moving.  If Lunges and Burpees are scaring you, then we have found a weakness we need to work on.

Welcome to week 1 of TESTING your fitness.  Funny the word testing.  Testing is never easy, thats why its a TEST!

P.S Please be patient with us as we figure out heats and how things will work.  Just show up ready to sweat, high five and throw down.  Remember Team Spirit.  At the end of the day its just a workout and you’ll survive.  When its over you’ll start freaking out about 16.2!


The Countdown..

It’s that time of the year again.  The Open.  Every Year for the last three years of doing the Open the butterflies show up right on time.  The unsettling nervousness sits like a pit in my stomach.  The unknown and unknowable.  If you have been doing Constantly Varied, Functional Movements, at High Intensity than you should be good, right?

The answer is yes.  If you have been coming into the gym and giving it your best 90% of the time, scaling appropriately, and leaving it all out on the rubber mats, then you shouldn’t have to worry.  Yet the answer isn’t that simple.  We start to second guess our training; make excuses as to why we wont be able to preform a movement if it shows up.  We start to think about the cheat meals, the days we sandbagged a workout.  We start to worry that we may not have trained as hard as we should have.  I’m not writing this to say its OK.  At the end of the day you determine what is OK.

I’ll speak for myself.  I am not where I want to be with my fitness, but I truly believe I will never be satisfied with it.  Thats the beauty of CrossFit.  We never settle.  We always want more.  That drive and pursuit is what makes this journey so worth it, its what makes our lives outside the gym make sense a little more.  If we are always striving for more in the gym, then we should be striving for more in our everyday lives.  That can be spiritually, emotionally and mentally.  Maybe you want to be a better friend, mother, father, employee.  That same drive you bring in here translates to that same effort you put outside the gym.

Back to my fitness.  The point of the Open is never to be ready.  If that were the case the workouts wouldn’t be so secretive, or announced every week.  The point of the Open to me is to let me know that if I want to be able to preform at my best then I need to be honest with myself and know that everyday that I come into CrossFit Paradise, I need to give every workout my best.  Not only for me, but for you guys.  Although this is my journey I share it with all of you.  I don’t care about my score at the end of the day, I care that I inspired some of you to push hard and see what you’re made of.  I care that I pushed you outside your comfort zone to show you what you’re capable of.  The Open is a way to measure that.  The Open is a way to show the world and everyone one else we are accountable to ourselves.

So whatever doubt resides in between those ears.  Let it say what it wants, and then choose to respond differently, choose to go where you haven’t.  You won’t know what you find there.  I do know that everyone that has gone there hasn’t come back and been upset with what they found.

The CrossFit Journal put out an article “THE KNEE SLEEVES DO NOTHING!”  and I loved how short and to the point it was (opposite to my TL;DR blog posts).
In the article it said:

With the Open almost upon us and 16.1 on the horizon, I’ll offer the one thing you need to remember in order to bypass the tension and truly thrive in the Open: Everything is OK. You’re a fine, hardworking human being. You’ve trained all year, and you’re ready. You don’t need to worry, so just have fun proving your fitness among friends. Relax, give your all, smile while you suffer, and cheer for your buddies. Then come back to the gym tomorrow and keep training.

No matter what’s announced on Feb. 25, remember that everything is OK. You will come through the workout just fine, and someone will give you a hearty fist bump before allowing you to work on your sweat angel. As you lie relieved and writhing on the rubber, you’ll ask yourself why you were worried in the first place—yet you’ll start fretting about the next workout an hour later.

So remember this: Everything is OK.

In the calm before the burpees, take a minute to write it on your arm now. Touch up as needed and refer to it any time you feel nervous. Be sure to take a good look at it right before you do 16.1. Then draw in a big breath and grab your demon goats by their flaming horns.

Back to the beginning of my post.  The butterflies I said come every year right.  They now fly in unison.  They don’t go away, but I’m Ready.  I am ready for the Open.

Everything will be OK.

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