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About CrossFit Paradise

CrossFit Paradise is located in Union, NJ.
2343 Morris Ave.  Our entrance is behind the building on Lousons Road.
Yes! Absolutely!  We offer a free class Tuesdays @ 7:30pm  and Saturday at 9:00am  Please email us if you are interested in trying a free class.
You can park in the lot next to Kessler Physical Therapy or Across the Street in the Medical Office Building (Louson’s Road)
It is easier for you to come through the backside of the building which is our Main Entrance (Lousons Rd)
WOD means Wokrout Of the Day
Anything done incorrectly can hurt you.  If you’re spending time not being active and with unhealthy habits that can hurt you as well.  However at CrossFit Paradise we are built upon the idea of Mechanics, Consistency, and then Intensity.  This means that we emphasize your safety and the mechanics you currently have and build from there.
CrossFit is scalable, which means that we can suit the workout based on your current ability, range of motion, and fitness level, while still challenging you.
We believe that in order to maintain safety, and intensity, CrossFit prescribes 3 days on – 1 day off.  We believe in the same.  In the beginning we like to start our athletes out at 3 days and gradually go up from there.  It is extremely difficult to maintain a high intensity for 5 days in a row

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